Aprenda inglês com American Idol

Como cantor, eu simplesmente adoro janeiro pois é quando começa a nova temporada de American Idol e por isso decidi juntar o que eu gosto e ajudar você a aprender um pouco de inglês também. Abaixo você tem o áudio e a transcrição (ambos pertencentes à Fox Network), aproveitem, real English for you guys!

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Ryan Seacrest: It is 6 pm and day 2 in Orlando is winding down. What was once ten thousand hopefuls has been whittled to less than a handful. Orlando had proven to be the city of hope with each person auditioning for their own particular reasons: some came to make life better for a loved one, others to beat the odds, some came to conquer an insecurity, but the last contestant of the day was there for redemption.
Matt Lawrence: My name is Matt Lawrence, I’m 25 years old, I’m from Starke, Florida and I manage my father’s truck company. When I was in high school I was the guy that had everything going for me, but I also had this desire for adventure.
Matt’s mother: One day I came home and there was a note that basically said he was going on an adventure and one thing led to another …
Matt: I got into some trouble. I robbed a bank with a BB gun when I was 15. I spent four birthdays behind bars. Being locked up was the hardest thing that I’ve ever been through because … it hurt my family so much. I never saw my dad cry before that time.

Ryan: Good luck in there, Matt.
Matt: Thank you, man.

Matt: I auditioned for American Idol I wanted to do something that would make my family proud and I wanna be able to, you know, put a smile on their face ten times more than I ever made them cry, so … yeah …
Matt: How you doing?
Randy: What’s going on, Matt?
Matt: Not too much. How are you guys?
Randy: Welcome, man.
Matt: Thank you.
Randy: So is singing your dream?
Matt: It is, um, that’s really all it’s been up to this point. Never really pursued it that much but uh, got some positive feedback and figured I’d give it a shot and see what happens.
Randy: All right, so what you singing today, dawg?
Matt: I’m singing Trouble, by Ray LaMontagne.
Randy: Right, get down.
Matt: Good to go?
Randy: Go for it?
Matt: Trouble… trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble
Trouble been doggin’ my soul since the day I was born
Worry… worry, worry, worry, worry
Worry just can not seem to leave my mind alone
We’ll I’ve been saved by a woman
I’ve been saved by a woman
She won’t let me go
No, she won’t let me go now
Randy: All right.
Simon: Brilliant. Brilliant.
Kara: Mm-huh.
Simon: Brilliant. You can really really sing. It almost feels like you could’ve written that song.
Randy: Oh yeah.
Simon: That’s how believable it was. I didn’t mean it in a bad way it’s just that it … well, maybe I did. No, it felt authentic …
Randy: God!
Simon: I was very impressed.
Matt: Thank you.
Simon: Very very impressed.
Kara: I completely agree with Simon and what I love about you is you hit those high notes and I didn’t feel like I was gonna fly through the window, you have such control over your voice. You know, and that’s a hard song to sing.
Randy: You’re so genuine, dude. That’s what it’s about, man and you got vocals! What?
Kara: He’s the real deal, he’s the real deal!
Randy: Let’s take a vote! Simon?
Simon: Easiest yes I’ve said today.
Randy: Kara?
Kara: I think one of the best.
Randy: Definitely one of the best today. Welcome to Hollywood, Matt! You made it, dude!
Matt: Thank you, guys!
Kara: He’s great! He’s gonna go to the Top Twelve.

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