10 Expressions to Improve your Speaking

Já baixou seu e-book “Fluente para Sempre” com dicas NINJA pra dar uma turbinada no seu inglês ainda hoje? Clique abaixo e bons estudos!

Hi there! Here are 10 expressions to help you improve your speaking right now!



1. 24/7 – If a store is open “24/7”, it’s open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “You can get some milk from the store around the corner. It’s open 24/7.”

2. Go through the roof – If prices “go through the roof”, they increase to an extremely high level. “Housing prices have gone through the roof since this time last year.”

3. Catch someone off-guard – If you “catch someone off- guard”, you surprise them. “The question about where she got the money to buy the house really caught her off-guard.”

4. Back to the drawing board – If you have to go “back to the drawing board”, you have to plan something again because it isn’t working, or it hasn’t been successful. “This idea is never going to work. I think we need to go back to the drawing board.”

5. Behind the scenes – If something happens “behind the scenes”, it happens in secret, and not in front of the public. “Behind the scenes, negotiators were working hard to secure a new peace deal.”

6. Big picture – The “big picture” refers to everything involved in a particular situation – not just the small details. “When you’re deciding what to do, you need to keep your eye on the big picture and not just the small details.”

7. By the book – If you do things “by the book”, you follow the rules and do things properly. “We were fined last year for unpaid tax, so we’re very careful about doing things by the book these days.”

8. Call it a day – If you decide to “call it a day”, you decide to stop working on something or you stop it altogether. “After six years of running the restaurant they decided to call it a day. They never managed to attract enough customers.”

9. ASAP – If you ask for something “asap”, you’re asking for it really quickly. ASAP stands for “as soon as possible”. You can pronounce it as one word (ASAP) or you can say each individual letter: asap. “I need that report asap!”

10. Money down the drain – “Money down the drain” is money that has been wasted or lost. “Paying for the repairs to the car was like throwing money down the drain as it broke down the following month, and we had to get a new one anyway.”


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