Using Portuguese in the English Class: English, Sim Senhor!

Let me share with you guys an activity I learned many years ago in a workshop I attended.

Its aim is to raise awareness of how much English is used in students’ lives and they don’t even realize it.

1. Ask students to write down all the words in English that they use in their everyday lives they can think of. Lots of computer-related words will come up.

2. Now, ask them to write a paragraph, a crazy or silly one, using all the words. The paragraph should be written in Portuguese.

3. After they have finished writing the paragraph, ask them to re-write it by replacing every English word with a Portuguese correspondent.

This is a fun activity and can be used on the first day of class, and it works nicely with older students (14-year-olds on).

Try this activity with your students and e-mail me to tell me how it went!

Now, check out this Mafalda’s comic strip about foreign words.


See you next time!


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