400 Palavras para o TOEFL – Parte 03

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Hoje temos a parte 03 da série 400 palavras para o TOEFL! Acompanhe com o vídeo e o texto abaixo. Bons estudos!


5. Science

1. adjust v. To change; to get accustomed to something | Travelers are advised to adjust their watches before arriving in the new time zone.

2. arbitrary adj. Chosen simply by whim or chance, not for any specific reason | The decision to build a school in Blackberry Township was arbitrary, without any thought to future housing patterns.

3. denominator n. The number written below the line in a fraction | In the fraction 1/2, the number 2 is the denominator.

4. exponentially adv. At a very fast rate | In Turkey, the value of the lira has decreased exponentially in the last several decades.

5. infinitesimal adj. Immeasurably small | The number of contaminants in the water was infinitesimal, so the water was safe to drink.

6. maximize v. To increase or make as great as possible | A coach helps each athlete maximize his or her potential.

7. parallel adj. Being an equal distance apart everywhere | The street where I live runs parallel to the main road through town.

8. proportion n. A part in relation to the whole | The average employee spends a large proportion of each workday answering e-­mails.

9. rate n. The cost per unit of a good or service; the motion or change that happens in a certain time. | Postal rates in Japan are among the highest in the world. | Some grasses grow at the rate of one inch per day.

10. sequence v. To organize or arrange in succession | Volunteers have been asked to sequence the files and organize the boxes.


6. Ancient Life

1. accuracy n. Precision; exactness | The research department checks all our articles for accuracy of facts before we print them.

2. adjacent adj. Next to | Even though the villages are adjacent to each other, their residents speak different languages.

3. compress v. To press together | To make the foundation stronger, they compressed the soil before pouring the concrete.

4. feasibly adv. Practically; in a way that can work | Scientists can’t feasibly bring energy from deep ocean currents to where it is needed—on land.

5. gut v. To empty or hollow out | In order to remodel the house, we must first gut it and throw away all the old fixtures.

6. integrally adv. In a whole or complete manner | Writing and spelling are taught integrally as part of the reading program.

7. overlap v. To lie over part of something; to have elements in common | One of the two assistants will likely get fired, since most of their duties in the office overlap.

8. retain v. To keep or hold | The rain fell so heavily that the banks of the river could not retain all the water.

9. seep v. To pass slowly for a long time, as a liquid or gas might | As the containers rusted, the toxic waste seeped into the ground.

10. structure n. Something constructed, such as a building | Most companies have a social structure that can’t be understood by outsiders.

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