Tim and David meet Adir and Ana

O Tim Barrett do TimandTammy Teach fez um vídeo no Disal Special Day bem divertido do nosso encontro e também na hora do nosso almoço. Leia o script do vídeo abaixo com algumas explicações de palavras e expressões (gentilmente cedido pelo Tim).


Hi, This is Tim Barrett from Tim and Tammy Teach. My brother David and I are on our way to São Paulo. We’re going to DISAL’s SPECIAL TEACHER’S DAY today. We’ll probably meet Adir Ferreira, Ana Luiza from www.inglesonline.com.br, Alessandro Brandão from englishexperts, among others, I’m sure. So, we’re on Bandeirantes here. Show the highway, David.

==> among others = entre outros
==> highway = estrada

Last Friday, my brother David and I had the privilege of participating in DISAL’S SPECIAL DAY for English teachers in São Paulo.

==> privilege = privilégio

The highlight of our trip was meeting professors Adir Ferreira and Ana Luiza from inglesonline.com.br.

==> highlight = destaque, ponto-auge


Tim: He’s the one who convinced me to come. I’m glad he did.

==> he’s the one = é ele que
==> convinced me = me convenceu
==> I’m glad he did = fico feliz que ele fez isso

Ana: Really?

Adir: I did.

Tim: Hey, here’s Adir. Hi, Adir! How are you doing?

Adir: Hi. I’m doing fine; and you?

Tim: Great! We’re meeting here in São Paulo. And Ana Luiza from inglesonline.

Ana: Hi.

Tim: And let me prove that I’m here, too. Hello.

Adir: She’s a living creature.

==> living creature = criatura viva, pessoa real

Ana: Yeah, I exist.

David: Putting a Face With the Name. I’ve heard about you guys a lot.

==> put a face with a name = conhecer alguém pessoalmente que você só conhecia por foto
==> I’ve heard about you guys a lot = me falaram muito de vocês

Tim: David, get in there.

==> get in there = entra lá

David: No, you get in there.

Tim: No, you get in there. Meet my brother. This is my brother, David.

==> meet = conheça

David: Nice to meet you. I haven’t talked to you personally, though.

Tim: Actually, this is Tammy.

==> actually = na verdade

David: I’m Tammy. [joking] No. My sister, Lisa, does Tammy voice.

==> joking = brincando

Tim: Ok. There you go. Well, what do you say we get a bite to eat somewhere?

==> there you go = aí está
==> what do you say…? = que tal…?
==> get a bite to eat = comer alguma coisinha

Adir: I would love that. I’m so hungry.

==> I’m hungry = estou com fome

David: You look fatter in person. (No, I’m just kidding.)

==> fatter = mais gordo
==> in person = pesoalmente
==> kidding = brincando

Adir: I lost 4 kilos!

We had lunch together and talked about lots of things. Ana Luiza is sharing some of our more “serious” discussions on her twitter page.

==> sharing = compartilhando

[Some conversation in Portuguese]

Tim: …Like my grandma always said: “Waste not; want not.”

==> grandma = avó
==> waste not; want not = expressão em inglês que significa que se você não desperdiçar (waste) não irá passar necessidade (want)

David: He doesn’t like mandioca.

Adir: Waste not; want not?

Tim: A dica de amanhã: Waste not; want not!

Adir: I am paying for this baby, so I waste all that I want!

==> this baby = este “troço”
==> waste = desperdiçar

Tim: That’s what he learns with these sitcoms that he watches.

==> sitcom = seriado (de comédia)


Adir: Yeah.

David: When you start filming me, I clam up.

==> clam up = se fechar, ficar mudo (por sentir vergonha)

One of the things we talked about was our upcoming project that we are working on with Adir where we are going to record all the sentences from Adir’s e-book, Gírias e Expressões dos Seriados, using our special “Método dos Missionários”.

==> upcoming = que está por vir
==> that we are working on = no qual estamos trabalhando
==> record = gravar

Adir was a little put out when we changed the cover of his e-book (There were some pictures that were a little risque, so we changed them for pictures of ALF, Monk, etc.) and Adir was grumbling to us about it. So I asked him what sitcomes he did watch anyway.

==> put out = chateado
==> change = mudar
==> risque = “audacioso”, indecente
==> grumble = reclamar
==> anyway = de qualquer jeito, então

He tried to get one (over) on us and shock us with all the raunchy programs he wanted us to believe he watches; and, of course, we produce his answer here without any tampering on our part…

==> get/put one (over) on someone = enganar alguém e ficar por cima

phrasal verb with GET * Phrasal Verb that begins with the word GET

==> shock = chocar
==> raunchy = grosseiro, vulgar, obsceno
==> produce = produzir
==> without any tampering = sem “mexermos” com nada
==> tamper = falsificar, adulterar, (seguido de with) mexer com/intrometer-se em/interferir com
==> on our part = da nossa parte


Tim: Hey, why don’t you tell us sitcoms you like to watch anyways.

Adir [with our dubbing as a joke]: I like Sesame Street. I like Backyardigans. I like Arthur. I like those Pinky Dinky Doo – what are they called? I’m joking.

==> dubbing = dublagem
==> Sesame Street = Vila Sesamo (programa infantil)
==> joking = brincando

Tim: Ok.

David: He watches Alf.

So that was our special day in São Paulo at DISAL’S SPECIAL DAY. Maybe next time we will be able to meet you there, too. Hope you have a great week! Talk to you later! Bye bye.

==> we’ll be able to meet you = poderemos encontrá-lo


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