The 333 Story – Parte 03

Chegamos à última parte da história verdadeira 333, de Bob Proctor. Para receber o livro You Were Born Rich gratuitamente, clique aqui.

This may be a difficult exercise in the beginning, however when you persist “Nexting” any and all negative concepts, the flow of positive ideas will roar into your marvelous mind.

Alfred Adler, the renowned psychologist, coined the extraordinary phrase “I am grateful to the idea that has used me.” There can be no doubt that creative, forward-thinking ideas literally breathe new life into every fiber of your being. They awaken a part of you that you never even knew was sleeping.

Bob Templeton never received five cents for the leadership role he played, in marshalling 50 radio stations from right across Canada, to raise the three million dollars for the people of Barrie, Ontario in Canada. However, you must remember that this is truly an orderly universe; God’s way of running this show is exact—when you put good out, it must come back.

I shared this story, when it happened, with two good friends of mine, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen. They were so intrigued by the story they published it in their book Chicken Soup for the Soul.

A while back I was doing a satellite television broadcast for RE/MAX Real Estate with Mark Victor Hansen and he was telling me that, at last count, they had sold six million copies of their book. He also told me they are constantly receiving letters from people who read the ‘333 story’ and use it to perform similar mental magic in their lives.

Think of it, millions upon millions of people are making positive things happen in their lives because Bob Templeton would not listen to the reasons why he and his staff could not raise 3 million dollars, in 3 hours, just 3 days after they began to brainstorm the idea. By the way, Bob Templeton has told me he and his staff have formed the habit of ‘333ing’ their wants and, as a result, he has gone on to become the President of NewCap Broadcasting company, a highly profitable corporation, with stations right across Canada. It is my opinion that Bob Templeton has set up a force for good that will follow him wherever he goes. Profit has become his second name. Begin at once to ‘333’ all of your wants and profit will follow you as well.

Excerpt from Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich

Bob Proctor é considerado um dos mestres e professores vivos da Lei da Atração. Bob também apareceu no filme O Segredo e tem trabalhado na área de potencial mental há mais de 40 anos. É o autor de You Were Born Rich (Você Nasceu Rico) e transformou a vida de milhões de pessoas com seus livros, seminários, cursos e assessoria.

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