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Já baixou seu e-book “Fluente para Sempre” com dicas NINJA pra dar uma turbinada no seu inglês ainda hoje? Clique abaixo e bons estudos!

Hello there!

Hoje vamos fazer um teste de preposições. Acompanhe a correção das palavras com o vídeo e as respostas abaixo. Bons estudos!



1. They sent me a check (of/for/in) $75.
2. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage (to/in/of) the other car.
3. His attitude (in/to/towards) his job is very negative.
4. Please open your books (in/on/to) page 65 and do exercise 5.
5. Have you found the key (to/of/for) the kitchen door?
6. Were you invited (for/to/in) her birthday party?
7. Thank you. It was very kind (with/for/of) you to help me.
8. They’ve always been very kind (to/with/for) me.
9. It’s stupid to get angry (with/about/to) things that don’t matter.
10. Are you angry (about/with/in) me for being late?
11. Everybody was surprised (at/by/with) the news.
12. Carol is upset (for/with/about) not being invited to the party.
13. I’m sorry (about/for/by) the noise last night. We were having a party.
14. He said he was sorry (for/about/at) shouting at you yesterday.
15. I don’t want to be dependent (in/on/at) anybody.
16. “Did you know he was married?” “No, I wasn’t aware (of/for/with) that.”
17. I think she’s arriving this evening but I’m not sure (of/about/with) that.
18. She got very angry and started shouting (to/with/at) me.
19. Somebody threw an egg (at/to/for) the minister.
20. Judy shouted ‘Catch!’ and threw the key (at/to/for) me from the window.





1. for. 2. to. 3. to/towards. 4. to. 5. to. 6. to. 7. of. 8. to. 9. about. 10. with. 11. at/by. 12. about. 13. about. 14. for. 15. on. 16. of. 17. of/about. 18. at. 19. at. 20. to.


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