Teaching Kids: Routines in the Classroom

I started teaching the little ones (7-11) some years ago and I have discovered great things about them:

– You can’t underestimate a child’s intelligent or perception;

– They learn fast, but they forget fast too!

– They’re highly kinesthetic, so keeping them in their seats is a real challenge;

– Bring lots of extra material (pens, erasers, etc.). They lose their all the time.

– And last but not least, they need routine. And here’s what this next tip is all about.


Always put the date on the board, like this “February, 5th 2009” and say it aloud every time. This way, by the end of the year, they will have learned the months, some ordinal numbers and the year, naturally.

There’s this very smart girl in my 3rs grade classroom who asked me once, “Teacher, por que você não colocou o ‘th’ no dia?” And it was because it was a third of December. So they notice it!

You can also draw a sun, a cloud and a cloud with raindrops to show what the weather is like that day, and always say, “sunny”, “rainy”, “cloudy”, etc.

Remember: kids learn a lot with visual and listening approaches, make very good use of them!

See you next time!


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