Aula de Pronúncia: Reduced Sounds (Sons Reduzidos)

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Hello there! Aqui temos a versão em texto do nosso vídeo “Aula de Pronúncia: Reduced Sounds”! Assista o vídeo e depois acompanhe com o texto e áudio. Bons estudos!


today || tonight || tomorrow || to work || to school || to the store || We have to go now. || He went to work. || They hope to find out. || I can’t wait to find out. || We don’t know what to do. || Don’t jump to conclusions. || To be or not to be… || He didn’t get to go.

He told me to stop. || She told you to get it. || I go to work. || at a quarter to two || The only way to get it is… || You’ve got to pay to get it. || We plan to do it. || Let’s go to lunch. || The score was 4 to 6. || It’s the only way to do it. || So to speak… || I don’t know how to say it. || Go to page 8. || Show me how to get it. || You need to know when to do it. || Who’s to blame?


We’re at home. || I’ll see you at lunch. || Dinner’s at five. || Leave them at the door. || The meeting’s at one. || He’s at the post office. || They’re at the bank. || I’m at school.

I’ll see you at eleven. || He’s at a meeting. || She laughed at his idea. || One at a time. || We got it at an auction. || The show started at eight. || The dog jumped out at us. || I was at a friend’s house.


Can you do it? || Give it to me. || Buy it tomorrow. || It can wait. || Read it twice. || Forget about it.

Give it a try. || Let it alone. || Take it away. || I got it in London. || What is it about? || Let’s try it again. || Look! There it is!


This is for you. || It’s for my friend. || A table for four, please. || We planned it for later. || For example, for instance || What is this for? || What did you do it for? || Who did you get it for?


It’s from the IRS. || I’m from Arkansas. || There’s a letter from Bob. || This letter’s from Alaska! || Who’s it from? || Where are you from?


It’s in the bag. || What’s in it? || I’ll be back in a minute. || This movie? Who’s in it? || Come in. || He’s in America.


He’s an American. || I got an A in English. || He got an F in Algebra. || He had an accident. || We want an orange. || He didn’t have an excuse. || I’ll be there in an instant. || It’s an easy mistake to make.


ham and eggs || bread and butter || Coffee? With cream and sugar? || No, lemon and sugar. || … And some more cookies? || They kept going back and forth. || We watched it again and again. || He did it over and over. || We learned by trial and error.


Soup or salad? || now or later || more or less || left or right || For here or to go? || Are you going up or down?


What are you doing? || Where are you going? || What’re you planning on doing? || How are you? ||
Those are no good. || How are you doing? || The kids are still asleep.


How’s your family? || Where’re your keys? || You’re American, aren’t you? || Tell me when you’re ready. || Is this your car? || You’re late again, Bob. || Which one is yours?


Which one’s better? || One of them is broken. || I’ll use the other one. || I like the red one, Edwin. || That’s the last one. || The next one’ll be better. || Here’s one for you. || Let them go one by one.


It’s the best. || What’s the matter? || What’s the problem? || I have to go to the bathroom. || Who’s the boss around here? || Give it to the dog. || Put it in the drawer.


It’s a present. || You need a break. || Give him a chance. || Let’s get a new pair of shoes. || Can I have a Coke, please? || Is that a computer? || Where’s a public phone?


It’s the top of the line. || It’s a state of art printer. || As a matter of fact,… || Get out of here. || Practice all of the time. || Today’s the first of May. || What’s the name of that movie? || That’s the best of all! || some of them || all of them || most of them || none of them || any of them || the rest of them


Can you speak English? || I can only do it on Wednesday. || A can opener can open cans. || Can I help you? || Can you do it? || We can try it later. || I hope you can sell it. || No one can fix it. || Let me know if you can find it.


Jack had had enough. || Bill had forgotten again. || What had he done to deserve it? || We’d already seen it. || He’d never been there. || Had you ever had one? || Where had he hidden it? || Bob said he’d looked into it.


He would have helped, if… || Would he like one? || Do you think he’d do it? || Why would I tell her? || We’d see it again, if… || He’d never be there on time. || Would you ever have one?


He was only trying to help. || Mark was American. || Where was it? || How was it? || That was great! || Who was with you? || She was very clear. || When was the war of 1812?


What time is it? || What’s up? || What’s on your agenda? || What do you mean? || What did you mean? || What did you do about it? || What took you so long? || What do you think of this? || What did you do then? || I don’t know what he wants.


Some are better than others. || There are some leftovers. || Let’s buy some ice cream. || Could we get some other ones? || Take some of mine. || Would you like some more? || Do you have some ice? || Do you have some mice?

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