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Hainy day, or would it be rainy day?

Well, on this very rainy day in the distant city of Bebedouro, in the State of São Paulo, I was thinking, “Why do so many people have problems with pronunciation?” I mean, even English teachers. Yeah, that one in high school who kept telling you the pronunciation of “think” sounds more like “sink” or “fink”.Continue lendo >

Using Portuguese in the English Class

What? Adir, are you nuts? Have you totally lost it? Well, actually no. Let me give you guys a tip on how to use Portuguese and translation (two taboo issues!) in your English class. This works nicely with grammar topics, like tenses and comparatives. 1. Choose a small paragraph of a text with the grammarContinue lendo >

Español, si señor.

Hello, there! How are things? Well, in case you haven’t heard, I’m in charge of the Spanish blog for Transparent Language, in the United States.  They hired me last April and it has been a blast to work with such good and competent people.  I write mostly in English about the Spanish language and IContinue lendo >

Tips for Teachers

I have been teaching English and Spanish for 17 years and many teachers e-mail me with the question: Adir, what do I do to improve my English and my teaching skills? Is there a magical recipe? The answer is NO! However, there are very simple things you can do in order not to be good,Continue lendo >


Welcome to our first post! This blog has been created to help teachers of the English language with tips, lesson plans, articles and much more! Post your comments, ideas, complaints and compliments! Este blog foi criado para ajudar professores de língua inglesa com dicas, planos de aula, artigos e muito mais! Coloque seus comentários, idéias,Continue lendo >

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