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Aprenda a Voz Passiva de uma Vez por Todas!

Pessoal! Em julho ministrarei um curso por e-mail sobre a voz passiva em inglês. Serão explicações em português, exemplos e exercícios com respostas. Se você se interessar, deixe seu e-mail nos comentários. O curso será de 20 a 25 de julho, enviado por e-mail, ok? Take care! Prof. Adir

Poetry Day: Robert Frost

Today is Poetry Day in Brazil and I bring you one of my favorite American authors, Robert Frost with “The Telephone”. The Telephone “When I was just as far as I could walk From here today, There was an hour All still When leaning with my head against a flower I heard you talk. Don’tContinue lendo >

Só não aprende quem não quer!

Este post vai ser em português pois uma coisa que me irrita profundamente são professores negligentes. E sinto muito, mas conheço uma quantidade imensa de colegas de língua inglesa que pararam no tempo e reclamam que não têm dinheiro para fazer cursos de aperfeiçoamento e bla bla bla. Bom, como eu sempre digo, a InternetContinue lendo >

Jeremy Harmer

Have you heard of Jeremy Harmer? No?? Well, he’s a teacher, author, teacher trainer, lecturer and much more. I just found him on Twitter and on his webpage you can find very interesting things like some videos of lectures, audio clips, interviews and so on. Check it out. Have all a great week!

Learning English with Movies

Hello, everybody! I was reading a little article by AJ Hoge: The Key to Excellent Speaking, and he brings a very interesting way for us, teachers, to improve our speaking skills using movies, check it out: Only watch one scene or segment per week (maybe 2-3 minutes). Follow this method: a) First, watch the sceneContinue lendo >

Content and Language Integrated Learning

Alex Mackenzie, from the Mackenzie School of English very kindly allowed me to reproduce an article he wrote about CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning, a very interesting trend in teaching (not only languages). Check it out and you can also e-mail Alex for your comments at [email protected] How should CLIL work in practice?Continue lendo >

The Reader: Literacy Lesson

Guys, last Friday I watched The Reader, with Kate Winslet. It’s a very good and dense movie and it shows a wonderful literacy lesson. Kate is in prison and she’s illiterate. She receives books read by a friend, actor Ralph Fiennes. One day, however, she decides to take out a book in the prison libraryContinue lendo >

English Classes 100% in English. Do you really think so?

Guys, today I ‘stole’ a text from my good friend Denilso de Lima. Denilso writes about some ingrained and old-fashioned concepts about using Portuguese in the English class. Denilso has some books published and you can check out his texts on his blog. Here’s his text: Durante o mês de fevereiro tenho estado em váriosContinue lendo >

Is there an English word for that?

Teaching is a wonderful experience and sometimes students come up to you and say, “Teacher, how do you say ‘farofa’ in English?” Then, what do you do? You tell them there’s no ‘farofa‘ in English, right? Well, some very Brazilian words have rough correspondents in English. Let’s check them out: Bife (de cutícula) – aContinue lendo >

Recipe: Spaghetti Carbonara

Hi, there! This is a little off-topic but as I like to cook I’m always searching for easy-to-do recipes on-line and I’ve come across with this Spaghetti Carbonara on Youtube. Check it out and brush up on your cooking vocabulary!

How good is your SMS English?

I found this on the Russian version of the SpeakUp Magazine, which is called Speak Out, for some reason. Students in New Zealand can now write their exams in the language of text messaging! Some teachers approve of the idea, some don’t. Now, how good is your SMS English? Take a look at a compositionContinue lendo >

Pronunciation Practice

Yo, people! How’ve you all been? I’m going to be teaching this pronunciation course next month via Aulavox and I have done a lot of research and come across some very interesting sentences to practice some sounds. They’re like tongue-twisters. Voiced T practice Betty bought a bit of better butter. But, said she, this butter’sContinue lendo >

Shaping the Way We Teach

Guys, I’ve found this series of teacher training videos by the University of Oregon and they cover core areas of teaching as Reflexive Teaching, Contextualizing Language, Peer Observation, among others. Here are the first video for you to check out! Tell me if it has been valuable for your teaching or if you used anyContinue lendo >

Website Tip: ELLLO

Yo, sup everybody? ELLLO (English Listening Language Lab Online) is a must-see! There are hundreds of listening practice exercises, with transcripts, exercises, slides, quizzes and it is updated every week, so there’s always something new. I use it a lot with my intermediate and advanced students because it brings a plethora of accents and theyContinue lendo >

Workshop on Teaching Kids

Guys, how’ve you all been? I came across this very good workshop on teaching kids, by a British teacher in Japan. He’s very lively and motivated and we can learn (and review!) a few things about kids. There are six parts and the first one is here for you. Check it out and tell meContinue lendo >

Learn! Learn! Learn!

I’m reading this very good book, “Eat that Frog” and it talks about how to stop procrastinating and getting things done. In a particular chapter the author, Brian Tracy, writes about the role of learning in our personal growth. I have found some interesting things and I quote, “Continuous learning is the minimm requirement forContinue lendo >

Teaching Kids: Routines in the Classroom

I started teaching the little ones (7-11) some years ago and I have discovered great things about them: – You can’t underestimate a child’s intelligent or perception; – They learn fast, but they forget fast too! – They’re highly kinesthetic, so keeping them in their seats is a real challenge; – Bring lots of extraContinue lendo >

Typing IPA symbols

Have you ever been in a bind where you have to prepare a pronunciation activity for your students with IPA symbols but couldn’t find them, or your text editor was too complicated to use? Well, I came across this very good free website to help you with that. The IPA Typewriter is very simple toContinue lendo >

Website tip: 123 Certificates!

Hello, there! I also teach kids, 1st to 4th graders and we always have to come up with interesting and motivating things in the classroom. Kids motivation entails doing something with a purpose and when such thing is accomplished successfully they need to be rewarded: a candy, a hug, a kiss on the cheek, andContinue lendo >

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