Listening practice: Broke in the Big Apple (via ELLLO)

O site ELLLO ( disponibiliza seus textos e áudios para serem reproduzidos com fins educativos e escolhi um bem interessante para compartilhar com você hoje. Sabe aquela época que você está super sem grana pra nada? Então, foi isso o que aconteceu com o Kevin e ele nos conta como foi.

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Todd: So Kevin, I thought we would talk about money today, and you have many interesting stories about being broke.

Kevin: Yes. I have been broke a number of times (algumas vezes). Anything in particular that you would like to hear? I’ve got quite a bunch (muitas).

Todd: So tell me when was the first time you were really broke?

Kevin: The first time I was really broke was, I was 19, and I moved to New York City. I followed a girl that I met in Glacier National Park, I was working out there (lá) as a singing waiter.

Went out to New York, followed her, and I ended up living (acabei morando) in an apartment with three other people and the share of my rent (parte do aluguel) was $500 a month. Now that was 20 years ago, and $500 a month 20 years ago to a 19 year old kid with no education, no experience… that was a lot.

So I worked three jobs. I worked from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the George Washington Street Bus Terminal and subway station handing out flyers (distribuindo folhetos), American Express Moneygram flyers, then I would take the subway to Midtown, to FAO Schwartz, you know the big toy store…

Todd: Oh yeah, right.

Kevin: …from the movie, “Big”…

Todd: Yeah, it’s really famous.

Kevin: …where he dances on the piano. Yeah, and I was… I would wrap (embrulhar) presents there. And then I would work there from 11 to 4, and then I would take the subway back down to The Village where I was living, and I would work from 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. as a waiter and bus boy (ajudante que recolhe pratos e talheres sujos das mesas).

Todd: That’s brutal. That’s pretty harsh (bem difícil).

Kevin: Yeah, it’s really brutal. Well, how I ended up being broke was, the restaurant was a New Orleans style restaurant, and I got fired (me despediram) for talking to the customers too much. Truth is (Na verdade), the customers were interested in the fact that I was from New Orleans and it was a New Orleans style restaurant. And for… I lasted two more months. And I only had enough money everyday to buy a slice of cheese pizza and a pack of cigarettes. And…

Todd: That’s it?

Kevin: That’s it.

Todd: One slice of pizza and a pack of cigarettes.

Kevin: Well, and a Hostess Fruit Pie lunch. But one time, during lunchtime at FAO Schwartz, I went down to the vending machine and I got my Hostess Fruit Pie and I took a bite (mordi) in it and it was hollow (vazio, oco). There was no fruit in it and I really had a small panic attack, and I called the toll free number (número grátis – 0800) on it, and I complained, “You just don’t understand how much of my daily nutritional intake (consumo) that pie represented”, and all he did was apologize and I was hoping they would send me a case of pies, but they didn’t.

Todd: No such luck.

Kevin: That’s right. When I went home, I was probably about 30 pounds lighter than before I left. And I was really poor. So that’s the first time I was really broke.

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