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Os estudantes brasileiros têm a tendência de pronunciar os pares de palavras bitch-beach, shit-sheet e piss-peace da mesma forma, e isso pode causar um pouco de confusão. Veja no vídeo abaixo como pronuncia-las certinho e não passar vergonha! Bons estudos!




bitch /bɪtʃ/

She’s such a bitch, why does she have to be so mean all the time?
How can anyone be expected to deal with a bitch like that?
Stop bitching because I’m sick and tired of your whining.
He’s always bitching about something, doesn’t he get tired?
You got a bitch about something, go to the boss, right?
I’ve had a bitch of a week at work.

beach /biːtʃ/

The campsite is in a beautiful location next to the beach.
I took my two-year-old nephew down to the beach with his bucket and spade.
We took off our shoes and socks and walked barefoot along the beach.
The island has several small stony beaches which are usually deserted.



shit /ʃɪt/

There’s so much dog shit on the pavement.
Something I ate has given me the shits.
I don’t give a shit about what he says.
She talks a load of shit.
That man’s a complete shit.
She doesn’t take shit from anyone.
Pack your shit and let’s go.
He doesn’t know shit about what’s going on.

sheet /ʃiːt/

I’ve put clean sheets on the bed.
I didn’t realize we had to write each answer on a new sheet of paper.
Thousands of people asked for an information sheet.
a blank sheet of paper
He tucked the bottom of the sheet under the mattress.
He put a sheet of plastic over the broken window.



piss /pɪs/

There was piss all over the floor.
He’s taking a piss.
That dog keeps pissing on our fence.
Why don’t you just piss off – you’ve caused enough problems already!
He never helps with the housework and it’s starting to piss me off.
I was so pissed (off) when I found out what he had done.

peace /piːs/

Now that the war is over may there be a lasting peace between our nations.
Peace lasted in Europe for just over 20 years after 1918 before war broke out again.
She’s very good at keeping (the) peace within the family.
The police act on the public’s behalf to keep the peace.
Stop fighting you two – shake hands and make (your) peace (with each other)!


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