Idioms in TV Series

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If you read my posts on English Experts you already know I’m a series freak. I love watching Two and a Half Men, Lost, the Tudors, Dirt and (yeah crucify me!) American Idol.


I am not a passive viewer so I keep my notepad (real and virtual) always ready in case something interesting comes up. I jot down all the new (and old) expressions and here are some of them.

A tad – a (little) bit. “Are you tired?”   “Not really. Just a tad.”

And whatnot – and etcetera, and so forth. He reads all kinds of things: books, magazines, leaflets and whatnot.

At first blush – at first, in the beginning. At first blush his suggestion seems reasonable.

Back-to-back – things that happen one after the other. Brad Pitt appeared in three back-to-back interviews last week, because of his new movie.

Be on a roll – experience good fortune and success. The stock market is on a roll.

Be in a funk – to be afraid or worried about something. He’s in a funk over his exam tomorrow.

Breathe down someone’s neck – to watch someone closely, so as to supervise or control. My boss has been breathing down my neck the whole week because of that damn project!

Are you a series freak too? Do you also write down your expressions? If so, e-mail me and share them!

Have the greatest week, y’all!


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