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Salve salve dear readers!

Guys, on Monday I received Disal’s New Routes magazine. For those who don’t know it yet it is a very good magazine for English, Spanish and French teachers with very good articles, suggestions of activities and real good offers and discounts on books. You can subscribe to it for free at Disal’s website.

Well, I opened the first page and Ta-da! They made some lectures held at their auditorium available for viewing on-line, and best of all, free! So if you live far from São Paulo, capital, like myself, you can watch the lectures at

Some of the lecturers are Jack Scholes, who is a renowned teacher and writer and Marcello Marcelino, who delivers a kick-ass presentation about pronunciation, be sure to check it out.

Make sure you use Internet Explorer and not Firefox because the latter won’t open the slides correctly, ok?

Take care and God bless you all!

P.S. I’m reading this book called “Eat that Frog” that is about being more effective in business and life in general and there’s this paragraph that got me sleepless last night: “The good news is that business skills are learnable. If anyone else is excellent in that particular key result area, this is proof that you can become excellent as well, if you decide to.”

P.S. I know you’re tired and stuff but take some time and comment on the posts. It’s refreshing to hear your ideas and have feedback!       =)

Off I go…


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