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I am proud to start a series for English teachers here in my blog. Throughout these years I have met several great teachers both online and in person and now it’s time to share some great stuff with all of you.

Today’s activity is aimed at raising awareness of how much the English language is present in our everyday lives. The activity works nicely with high schoolers and adults.

1. You can do this activity with one student, pairs or small groups.
2. Ask them to list all the words in English they can think of, such as “pen drive”, “play”, “stop”, “check-in”, “plug”, “cooler”, etc. Help as needed.
3. Tell them to write a short text or paragraph with these words in Portuguese.
4. After that, tell them to rewrite the paragraphs by translating/adapting all the words in English they came up with.

This activity can be done at the beginning of the school year, before introducing reading strategies (skimming, scanning, etc.). Make sure to highlight cognates (and also false cognates) whenever they come up in a text.

Do you have any more ideas on how to use cognates to help your students improve their English? Leave a comment!

See you next time!


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