For teachers: Express your view

Speaking and listening.

Procedure: Near the beginning of term, tell the students that you want each of them to be ready to talk for exactly four minutes on a subject they care about.

Each week select a name randomly (perhaps from names in a hat). That student must prepare his or her talk for the following week. At the end of the talk the other students can ask questions and express how they feel about the ideas expressed.

Guidance to the student:

1. The talk should take into account the short time available, who the other students are and the circumstances of the room in which the talk is to be given.

It is a good idea for the student to try out the talk beforehand and make sure it does not exceed four minutes. This leaves ones minute for one or two other students to respond.

2. Pictures and objects can be used to support the talk but not to substitute it.

3. Examples of topics:

– a description of an interesting experience
– a description of a hobby
– an explanation of a technique for doing something
– an expression of pleasure in an experience
– an expression of belief
– an argument for change
– the presentation of a dilemma
– persuasion for the other students to take a particular course of action
– any topic which the student feels confident about and which can be presented in a very short time

Fonte: Five-Minute Activities – A resource book of short activities – Penny Ur and Andrew Wright, Cambridge University Press, 1992. Compre na Livraria Disal or on Amazon.


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