For teachers: Expanding texts

keep-calm-and-teach-english-4Forming grammatical sentences by adding words or phrases.

Procedure: Write a single simple verb in the centre of the board. Invite students to add one, two or three words to it. For example, if the word was ‘go’, they might suggest ‘I go’, of ‘Go to bed’! They go on suggesting additions of a maximum of three consecutive words each time, making a longer and longer text, until you, or they, have had enough.

The rule is that they can only add at the beginning or end of what is already written – otherwise you will end up with a rather untidy (and hard to read) series of additions. Add or change punctuation each time as appropriate. For example:

Go to bed!
“Go to bed” said my mother.
“Go to bed” said my mother angrily.
“You must go to bed!” said my mother angrily.
“No!” I answered.

Variation: Students can erase the additions in reverse order, starting with the last addition and ending with the original word in the centre of the board.

Acknowldegement: Based on an idea in Dictation: New methods, new possibilities by Paul Davis and Mario Rinvolucri (Cambrige University Press, 1998).

Fonte: Five-Minute Activities – A resource book of short activities – Penny Ur and Andrew Wright, Cambridge University Press, 1992. Compre na Livraria Disal or on Amazon.


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