Fluency Practice Activity

Hey everybody! After two extremely rainy days here, I am back, at full blast!

Let me share with you a technique I learned last year and it’s working miracles with my adult students.

Take a text with the grammar topic you are studying, for example, the Simple Present, about daily routines. (I just made this up, ok?)

I get up at 7 am, I brush my teeth, then I have breakfast. Next I get dressed in five minutes and drive to work. I start work at 8. At 12 I go to the cafeteria on the corner to have lunch.

Then ask questions (lots of them!) like this and have them give complete answers:

1. What time do you get up? Do you get up at 7 am or do you get up at 7 pm? Do you get up early or do you get up late?

2. What do you brush? Do you brush your teeth or do you brush your hair?

3. Next, do you have breakfast or do you have lunch? Do you have breakfast in the morning or do you have breakfast in the afternoon? Do you have breakfast at night?

Notice that you can practice verb tenses (do/does/third person), prepositions and lots of question words and you don’t necessarily have to give them the translation because you will give them options.

You can also have them write the answers in full, if time allows.

Yeah people, we’re all starting all school year and I really hope to see lots of comments about how you used this and other tips in your classes.

Take care and make sure you come back!


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