Carpool Karaoke com Adele (com Roteiro!)

adele carpool karaoke

Eu ADORO a Adele! ADORO!

Além de ser uma baita duma artista ela ainda é divertida, engraçada e super simpática. Por isso que hoje eu trago o Carpool Karaoke no programa The Late Late Show with James Corden com o roteiro transcrito!

Tem umas partes que eles falam ao mesmo tempo então fica difícil de entender, mas no geralzão dá pra praticar o listening com o inglês britânico e de quebra você ainda escuta a voz linda dela!


James: Hello? It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. Just have a drive around. Hello? Hello from the outside. All right, see you in a minute. Great.

Adele: Hello.


James: Oh, thanks for this. I appreciate it, it’s going to be fun.

Adele: It’s going to be fun. Great.

James: You are looking fine right now.

Adele: Thank you very much. James.

James: Seriously, loving this bob.

Adele: Oh, thanks, well.

James: It’s a triumph.

Adele: Yeah. Thanks, very much.

James: No, it’s a triumph.

Adele: I feel I look like all the Memphrins.

James: I don’t think so. I mean it is more manageable.

Adele: Yeah, it dries quickly.

James: than the hive, you know.

Adele: I am going to use my hairline. I can’t work out if I should wear a wig wig or have a weave.

James: I mean, what I like is that you are coming to me for this advice.


James: do you mind if we listen to music?

Adele: Gessisan Stuff. It’s such a shame it’s raining, it’s as if like like Americas are going to get assume that England is rubbish.

[They sing]

Adele: That was amazing.

[They sing]

Adele: That’s me playing the drums.

James: No, hang on. That’s you playing the drums?

Adele: I played the drums in there. Yeah.

James: No way!

Adele: Yeah. Yeah.

James: You’re just shredding on the drums. You are. You that is what I have always said is that you are the female Phil Collins.

Adele: Oh my god, this tea is falling

James: no, no, oh no.

Adele: I’ve got a new coat and now its weary…

James: You’ve got tea, a tea situation.

Adele: You are driving, what are you doing?

James: Well, I can hold it while you, while you, wipe down.

Adele: I’m all right, I’m all right.

James: Hang on. No it’s just all right. No one is going to see it. (Laughter)

James: WO! WO! WO!

Adele: That’s so funny, like it’s now. I was such a geek.

James: Now you used to be.

Adele: I have got drunk three nights in a row recently.

James: no.

Adele: Yeah, cause Christmas.

James: Right.

Adele: Yeah, The other day I went to dinner with one of my best friends. As I’m not going to see him before Christmas so went out and took his Christmas present. Get there at 7:45 and then I’m sitting there, it’s like 8’o clock, I’m thinking where is he. He’s normally really punctual, I call him, where are you, he’s like, ‘you said 8:45’. So I’m sitting here in this restaurant for an hour on my own looking like such a loser. So I ordered a glass of wine and then I have another glass of wine, then I spot a family, I went over, a bit drunk. I was like, “did you call my name, earlier?’ I was like sorry, I had my security with me, and I was like ‘sorry, you know he was just being protective, whatever. Let me get your meal for you.’ So I paid for their meal. Yeah and then I had another glass of wine, and my friend arrived, then two more glasses of wine, bear in mind I haven’t had a drink like in eight months. And the next day, in the park like with my kid. And I find this e-mail address in my pocket of another family from Nashville who obviously were told that the show was sold out so I got amaddased to get them tickets to Nashville.

Adele: What was it?

James: It’s amazing

Adele: It’s what happens when I’m drunk?

James: I’m surprised you didn’t start thinking.

Adele: Yeah, One more glass of wine and I might will.

James: just like, guys, take me back to the start.

[They sing]

James: what do you listen to when you are in the car?

Adele: I just put the radio on. I mean…

James: but you used to be a huge Spice Girls fan.

Adele: But I was listening to it the other day, it was a genuine, not a piss tape. Like it was actually really me.

James: No, you were genuine.

Adele: It was a huge moment in my life when they came out. It was Girl power and it was this five ordinary girls who just, like, did so well and just got out, I was like I want to get out. I didn’t want to get out of, but I just want to get out, and it was a really important period of my life.

James: But didn’t you used to have life’s once gone party?

Adele: Yeah, on my own. I mean my tenth birthday was, five of us as Spice Girls.

James: Who were you?

Adele: I was always Geri.

James: Really? I love that.

Adele: And then she left.

James: She left the band.

Adele: It was the first time I was truly heartbroken.

James: When she left.

Adele: Yeah.

James: Is that what someone like you is about?

[They sing]

James: You are singing like you are from a different place now, a happier place.

Adele: Yeah.

James: Does it worry you that you won’t be able to write the hits?

Adele: Well, I was worried about that, for sure. And I feel like it’s gone but I think there’s also as part of, you know, I want, I want my fans to come on like a journey with me. And I feel like it is one of the reasons I named my album after my age as well. It’s that sort of just Polaroid’s, almost, of my life at that time.

James: I mean where do you think you will stop?

Adele: Oh, this is the last album after my age.

James: No.

Adele: I believe in tragedies.

James: No.

Adele: Yeah. The next one is just going to be Adele.

James: No, because I don’t want to be like 77 [bleep] [laughter].

James: Leave me alone.

Adele: Oh my god. I will still do that.

James: It’s just me and my cat.

Adele: I am such a blank lady, aren’t I?

[They sing]

James: You like properly hang out with like. It’s just you know like, you hang out with Beyoncé.

Adele: I wouldn’t say hang out.

James: But you are friends.

Adele: We are very friendly when we see each other.

James: But have you ever thought about getting your own squad like Taylor swift has got a squad.

Adele: I have a squad. Mine is like Laura Daniel, Sufiyan.

James: Yeah, my hunch is if you put together a squad which was like you, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lawrence, she would bring Amy Schumer, and then like Emma stone, Taylor swift’s squad would [bleep] themselves. Squado on Squado.

Adele: But they’re Amazonian, aren’t they? They are also tall.

James: Right. No I am not saying they…

Adele: They would kick us with their long legs.

James: Yeah, that’s the thing. But you guys will fight out I think.

James: I heard a rumor, that you, this may be surprising to some fans, are quite the rapper. You can spit some rhyme.

Adele: I’m not that talented of me own.

James: but you can spit some lyrics. You’ve got some rhymes in your locker.

[They sing]

James: So now you’re Grammy, you’re Oscar, all you need is an Emmy and a Tony.

Adele: the Tony is pretty unlikely though, isn’t it? What am I going to be doing?

James: Shut it. What? Write in a huge musical.

Adele: I haven’t got time for that.

James: Not right now but at some point.

Adele: Yeah, but what’s that if no one cares then. Now this is…

James: Shut the front door. The sooner you realize that you are Adele, how do you do that?

Adele: I spend my life, it’s me, Adele.

James: When you’re booking restaurants, do you have to go and they go and under what name and you go Adele. The Adele.

Adele: No, I never drop in that, in case they call the packs.

James: But then are they like sorry, no tables.

Adele: Yeah a lot of time. A lot of time.

James: You need to go yes, no, yes. But when I say I’m…

Adele: Yeah, then I have to get someone else to call it, cause I can’t drop me own name. That would mean dropping a bomb.

James: That’s my point. I call out the phrase, dropping the a bomb, that is what I call it. That is what I quite like.

Adele: You have to drop the j bomb sometimes, don’t you?

James: Not. Not, oddly. Not such a big deal. It’s James. The James. No, not that one. No, yeah, no.

Adele: Not that one either.

James: It doesn’t work quite as well for me as it does for you.

[They sing]

James: I’ve been thinking about to talk, and I think, and listen, you can say no to this or just have a think about it.

Adele: Right.

James: I think you need like a hype man. During the up numbers,

Adele: Okay.

James: Because it is an emotional night.

Adele: It is emotional.

James: People are going to be, some lot of people.

Adele: It’s not human.

James: I’m just saying, during the up numbers, what about a front man. But then I’d come up through the floor.

[They sing]

James: Thank you so much for driving around with me.

Adele: Oh, thank you.

James: It genuinely is a pleasure.

Adele: Oh, good. I absolutely loved it.


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