Binomials? Mas o que é isso?

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Hoje vamos aprender o que são os binomials!

Binomials são expressões fixas e que são usadas numa determinada ordem. O binomial mais famoso é rock and roll. Você não diria roll and rock, não é? Os binomials podem ser dois substantivos, dois verbos, duas preposições, dois advérbios ou um mix disso tudo. Os binomials podem vir com conjunções como and, but e or.

Binomials com AND

Nosso primeiro caso de binomials é com substantivo singular + substantivo singular.

To discover the right/best after making mistakes. Through...trial and error
Maintain obedience in society. and order
In today's world. In and age
Oferta e and demand
Desgaste.wear and tear
The non-financial investment you put into a project.time and effort
Time to relax in a quiet atmosphere.peace and quiet
No clear winner/leader.neck and neck
A strong contrast. Like...night and day
A kind of pousada.bed and breakfast
Very expensive. It arm and a leg
In a situation where all choices are bad. Between...a rock and a hard place
The basics for and shelter
When a guest eats a lot of food in your house. He eats you out and home
The thing/person that makes you feel very proud and gratified.pride and joy
The part of your professional activity that makes most of your money.bread and butter
A blood relative, especially children.flesh and blood

Aqui temos com substantivo no plural + substantivo no plural.

The important facts and numbers.facts and figures
Incomplete, only parts.bits and pieces
An assortment of things that are not specifically related.odds and ends
Goods times and bad and downs
Fight a lot. Like...cats and dogs
Comparing two things which are completely different. Comparing...apples and oranges
Cool gadgets on a car, computer, appliance, etc.bells and whistles
Things/people that are not uniform. In all...shapes and sizes
The good points and bad points.pros and cons
Na prática. For all...intents and purposes
The things you like and don't like.likes and dislikes
Improve a lot. Improve by...leaps and bounds

Verbo + Verbo

It's a bad situation, but it's also a lesson. live and learn
Let go of the bad things in the past. forgive and forget
To select the best. pick and choose
You help me and I help you. give and take
Wake up! It's morning! rise and shine
Try to escape from your problems. run and hide
An accident in which the motorist hits a car or pedestrian and does not stop. hit and run
Combine different clothes, elements, components, etc. for a variety of outcomes. mix and match
Have restless sleep, often because of a difficult decision. toss and turn
A legal case or other issue in which resolution is quick and indisputable. open and shut
A delicate situation, especially one in which a person's life is in danger. touch and go
To finally stop living the life of a single person. settle down and get married
Make you pay attention. sit up and take notice

Adjetivo + Adjetivo

Totally audible.loud and clear
Wealthy and famous
Very early.bright and early
To win deservedly and without cheating. Win...fair and square
Surprisingly, still alive and doing fine (often humorous)alive and well
A statement that is short but expresses the intended message perfectly.short and sweet simple
Covering lots of territory.far and wide
Extremely clean.spick and span
... and nothing more.pure and simple
To think a lot before making an important decision. Think...long and hard
Through good times and bad times. Through...thick and thin
A rule that is clear and consistent.hard and fast
In a safe place and in good and sound
Covered with bruisesblack and blue
Estar (de saco) cheio/cansado de...sick and tired

Particípio Passado + Particípio Passado

Objetos perdidos.lost and found
Originally from a place and grown up there.born and raised
In the end. When all is...said and done
Simple, unambiguous.cut and dried

Preposição + Preposição

Outside the house and doing things around the town.out and about
Not regularly.on and off
More than what is expected.above and beyond
Depressed.down and out
In one direction and then back again.back and forth


The exact words, day, time, place, etc. are not importantsuch and such on and so forth and so
Only focusing on your job.all work and no play
Generally and large
Most important...first and foremost
Working/operationalup and running
In no specific time or and there
The basics, the core. The...meat and potatoes
New and promising.up and coming
The very special one. and only and then
De uma vez por todas.once and for all
Think about the present moment/situation, not the future. Focus on and now
There is no limit.anything and everything
Extremely and bones
Nothing serious. and games
Made a logical conclusion. Put...two and two together

Binomials com TO

From one extreme of the country to the other.coast to coast
One event immediately following another.back to back
Heavy traffic.bumper to bumper to day
Visiting every house.door to door
Pé no chão.down to earth
In person.face to face
Combat without weapons.hand in hand
Living with barely enough to survive.hand to mouth
An open and honest conversation.heart to heart
Truly.honest to goodness
Rescue someone by breathing oxygen into their lungs.mouth to mouth
A regular job (especially office).nine to five to one
To successfully go from rich to poor.rags to riches
From one end of the house/room to the other.wall to wall
Dance "coladinho".cheek to cheek
Agree. See...eye to eye

Binomials com OR

To want it all. It's...all or nothing
You must do it, or or die
Amazing, but true...believe it or not
Regardless of a good or bad outcome.for better or (for) worse
If I lose again next time, you win twice the money, or, if I win, nothing at all.double or nothing
The numbers are not exact.give or take
Even if times get really tough.come hell or high water
Your opinion will not change the it or not
This thing/event can propel you to success or end your career.make or break
Approximately.more or less
Agora ou or never
Not many times.once or twice
For a reason I do not know or understand. reason or another
No apparent motivation or system. No...rhyme or reason
Regardless of good times or bad times. Come...rain or shine
You are thrown into this experience with no preparation.sink or swim
Inevitably.sooner or later
A few things. A...thing or two
Are you traveling or pleasure
My final offer.take it or leave it
It's extremely important. A matter or death
Some way or another

Referência: Como dizer tudo em inglês avançado. Ron Martinez.

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