Aula de Pronúncia: Todos os Sons de Vogais

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Hello there!

Hoje temos uma aula de pronúncia com todos os sons de vogais em inglês.

Você vai ter o som com sua representação no Alfabeto Fonético Internacional, alguns exemplos de palavras com esse som e depois uma frase para você praticar. Primeiro escute o áudio completo sem repetir. Depois escute e repita três vezes – você vai ver como você vai dominar as palavras e as frases rapidinho!

Vamos lá!

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1. /i/ – read, heat, meet, seat, seen, feet

Please eat the meat and the cheese before you leave.

2. /ɪ/in, bit, this, give, sister, will, city

My sister Linda will live in the big city.

3. /eɪ/ – late, gate, bait, fail, main, braid, wait

Jane’s face looks great for her age of eighty-eight.

4. /ɛ/ – let, get, end, any, fell, bread, men, said

I went to Texas for my friend’s wedding.

5. /æ/ – last, apple, add, can, answer, class

The handsome man lost his baggage after his travels.

6. /ɑ/ – stop, lock, farm, want, army, possible, got

John is positive that his car was parked in that lot.

7. /ɘ/ – come, up, jump, but, does, love, money, about

Your younger brother doesn’t trust us, does he?

8. /ɔ/all, fall, author, also, applaud, thought, fought

Paula was doing laundry all day long.

9. /oʊ/ – go, slow, so, those, post, moment, drove

Oh, no! Don’t open the window, it’s cold.

10. /ʊ/ – look, took, put, foot, full, wolf, cookie

He would read the good book if he could.

11. /u/ – cool, soup, moon, boot, tooth, move, true

Sue knew about the food in the room.

12. /ɘr/ – her, work, sure, first, early, were, earn, occur

What were the first words that girl learned?

13. /aɪ/ – time, nine, dry, high, style, five, China

I advise you to ride a bicycle in China.

14. /aʊ/ – south, house, cow, found, down, town

He went out of the house for about an hour.

15. /ɔɪ/oil, choice, moist, enjoy, avoid, voice

Let’s avoid the annoying noise.


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