Aprendendo Inglês com a Crise (Se a Vida te Der Limões…)

Hello everybody!

Hoje a Internet está um rebuliço (será que se escreve assim?)!

Por isso peguei um artigo publicado hoje no New York Times sobre o babado político e separei algumas palavras e expressões pra você aprender a discutir (in English) sobre o que está acontecendo.

Check it out!


RIO DE JANEIRO — Police officers on Friday raided the home of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, the former president of Brazil under investigation in a colossal graft scheme involving the national oil company, and took him into custody.

raid = fazer blitz, invadir
former = anterior, ex
graft scheme = esquema de suborno
take into custody = ser levado para a delegacia

In an operation that began at 6 a.m., officers from the Federal Police swarmed Mr. da Silva’s home in São Paulo. He was taken to a federal police station at Congonhas Airport for questioning, but he has not been arrested or charged. He was released after about 3 hours of questioning and went to his party’s headquarters, according to news reports.

swarm = entrar como um enxame
arrested = preso
charged = acusado
released = liberado
his party’s headquarters = sede do seu partido

Universally known as Lula, Mr. da Silva, 70, remains a towering figure in the governing left-wing Workers’ Party. He was president from 2003 through 2010, and he continues to exert considerable sway as one of Brazil’s most powerful people.

towering = importante, influente
left-wing = de esquerda
exert considerable sway = exercer considerável influência

More than any other politician, Mr. da Silva was the face of Brazil at a time when the country, Latin America’s largest, emerged as a rising power in the developing world, boasting huge offshore oil discoveries and thriving trade with China.

rising = em ascenção
developing world = terceiro mundo
boast = gabar-se
offshore = fora da costa
thriving = próspero
trade = comércio

The expanding criminal investigation comes at a time of growing political and economic turmoil in Brazil, with Mr. da Silva and his successor, President Dilma Rousseff, grappling with a downturn in global commodity prices and with soaring discontent over reports of corruption at nearly every level of government.

turmoil = tumulto
grappling with = combatendo, lutando
downturn = retração econômica
soaring = ascendente; exorbitante
discontent = descontentamento
nearly = quase

Ms. Rousseff is already facing impeachment proceedings over her use of funds from state banks to cover budget gaps. Beyond that, an array of politicians, including several from her party, are in jail or on trial for corruption at the national oil company, Petrobras. For years, prosecutors say, hundreds of millions of dollars were siphoned from the company and channeled into political campaigns.

budget gaps = falhas/buracos no orçamento
an array of = uma variedade de
on trial = sendo julgados
prosecutors = promotor
siphon = desviar fundos

A souring economy is also raising pressure on Ms. Rousseff, with the authorities reporting this week a 3.8 percent plunge in gross domestic product in 2015, the worst decline in 25 years. The economic crisis has contributed to a surge in unemployment, erasing some of the gains achieved during the boom years.

souring = degradante
rasing pressure = colocando pressão
plunge = queda brusca
gross domestic product = produto interno bruto
surge = onda, surto, explosão
unemployment = desemprego

The move against Mr. da Silva raises questions about his political future and the ambitions of the Workers Party to retain the presidency. As recently as last week, he defiantly signaled in public statements that he planned to run for president again in 2018.

“They’re going to have to defeat me on the street,” he told supporters at a party celebrating the anniversary of the party, founded 36 years ago, during Brazil’s military dictatorship. “I’ll be 72, but as hot and ready to go as a man of 30.”

defiantly = de maneira desafiadora
defeat = derrotar
dictatorship = ditadura

Groups of Mr. da Silva’s opponents and supporters squared off in front of his home in São Paulo on Friday, shouting insults at one another. A man in a red shirt, the signature color of the Workers’ Party, was captured on television punching another man amid the confusion.

squared off = colocaram-se em posição de defesa
punching = dando um soco
amid = no meio de

Prosecutors are examining whether OAS and Odebrecht — two construction companies that profited enormously from government contracts under both Mr. da Silva’s and Ms. Rousseff — may have gotten special consideration for government contracts by renovating properties intended to be used by the former president and his family, including a country estate and a beachfront apartment.

whether = se
profited = lucraram
intented = com o propósito de
country estate = propriedade no interior

The former chief executive of OAS has been sentenced in connection with a bribery plot involving Petrobras, and the billionaire former chief of Odebrecht has been charged and jailed pending trial.

bribery plot = trama de suborno
pending trial = esperando o julgamento

“Lula never participated, directly or indirectly, in any illegal act during or after his government,” a spokesman for the former president’s institute said in a statement on Thursday.

spokesman = porta-voz
statement = declaração

Various confidants of the former president are already in prison on corruption charges, including José Dirceu de Oliveira e Silva, his former chief of staff. Investigators have also focused scrutiny on the business dealings of Mr. da Silva’s son Luis Cláudio Lula da Silva, who owns a sports marketing company and who is suspected of receiving illegal payments in connection to a plan to reduce tax penalties for large corporations.

confidants = confidentes
scrutiny = escrutínio, exame detalhado
business dealings = transações de negócios

Supporters of Mr. da Silva have been quick to point out that almost no corner of Brazil’s political establishment has been untarnished by corruption scandals in recent months.

point out = ressaltar, salientar
untarnished = imaculado, sem manchas

Another former president, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, is facing an investigation into payments made to his former mistress, Mirian Dutra, and into their ties to a company that operated a chain of airport duty-free shops. Mr. Cardoso has acknowledged providing financial support for Ms. Dutra but has denied that the violated any laws in doing so.

mistress = amante
ties = ligações
acknowledged = reconheceu
denied = negou

Eduardo Cunha, the conservative speaker of Brazil’s lower house of Congress, is also facing a trial at the Supreme Court on a charge of pocketing millions of dollars of bribes in the Petrobras scheme. He has refused to step down, heightening the sense of gridlock in Brasília as scandals simultaneously shake various governing institutions.

facing a trial = enfrentando um julgamento
on a charge of = com uma acusação de
pocketing = embolsar, roubar
step down = deixar o cargo
heightening = elevando
gridlock = paralisia

Link original ==> http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/05/world/americas/brazil-raid-luiz-incio-lula-da-silva.html?ref=world&_r=0


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