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Hello there! Hoje vamos aprender de verdade o verbo to be. Acompanhe o vídeo abaixo com o roteiro.



Forma Afirmativa

I am (I’m)
you are (you’re)
he is (he’s)
she is (she’s)
it is (it’s)
we are (we’re)
you are (you’re)
they are (they’re)

Forma Negativa

I am not  – I’m not
you are not – you’re not – you aren’t
he is not – he’s not – he isn’t
she is not – she’s not – she isn’t
it is not – it’s not – it isn’t
we are not – we’re not – we aren’t
you are not – you’re not – you aren’t
they are not – they’re not – they aren’t


I’m cold. Can you close the window, please?
I’m 44 years old. My brother is 46.
My brother is very tall. He’s a security guard.
My mother is afraid of dogs.
It’s nine o’clock. The teacher is late again.
Sarah and I are good friends.
Her keys are on the table.

I’m hungry, but I’m not thirsty.
She isn’t interested in music. She’s interested in politics.
Ann isn’t at home right now. She’s at work.
Those people aren’t American. They’re Canadian.
It’s cloudy today, but it isn’t cold.


Temos também as contrações com:

that’s = that is
there’s = there is
here’s = here is
where’s = where is

Thank you. That’s very kind of you.
Look! There’s Chris!
Here’s your key.
Where’s the book?


Forma Interrogativa

Am I?
Are you?
Is he?
Is she?
Is it?
Are we?
Are they?


“Am I late?” “No, you’re on time.”
“Is your mother at home?” “No, she’s out.”
“Are your parents at home?” “No, they’re out.”
“Is it cold in your room?” “Yes, a little.”
Your shoes are nice. Are they new?
Is Nicole from Boston?


Question Words + to be

What is (what’s) your name?
Where are your parents?
When is (when’s) he coming?
How is (how’s) your sister?
Why is (why’s) your face red?
Whose car is this?
Which is your book?
How much is this computer?
How many computers are in the room?


Short Answers (Affirmative)

Yes, I am.
Yes, you are.
Yes, he is.
Yes, she is.
Yes, it is.
Yes, we are.
Yes, you are.
Yes, they are.


Short Answers (Negative)

No, I’m not.
No, you’re not you aren’t.
No, he’s not he isn’t.
No, she’s not she isn’t.
No, it’s not it isn’t.
No, we’re not we aren’t.
No, you’re not you aren’t.
No, they’re not they aren’t.


“Are you hungry?” “Yes, I am.”
“Are you tired?” “No, I’m not, but I’m sleepy.”
“Is your teacher American?” “Yes, she is.”
“Are these your keys?” “Yes, they are.”
“That’s my seat.” “No, it isn’t.”


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