A Entrevista de Trabalho em Inglês – Parte 06

Hello, there!

Continuamos com o sexto vídeo do British Council sobre a seleção de uma vaga numa empresa inglesa. Acompanhe o vídeo com roteiro abaixo (algumas palavras e expressões estão traduzidas).

Daniel: When I was asked to do a presentation on ‘Where WebWare is going, and what I can do to help it get there,’ my first thought was simple: me! As you’ve already seen, I’ve got a lot of skills, and the right kind of personality needed to do a job like this… Here’s a slide I made! You see that – that’s my sales team – they love me! Certainly going to be sad to see me leave… Outside the box thinking (pensar lateralmente) – that’s what I’ve got…!

Sarah: Ok. To start with, I did a careful SWOT analysis using the data I had available, which is obviously only partial. I looked at aspects such as competitors, online visibility, changing technologies and R&D (Research and Development – Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento) … On the basis of this, I believe WebWare should carry out some careful market research, strengthen its brand awareness (consolidação da marca) in secondary markets, and improve the flexibility of its offer. If this produces positive results, I think it should be possible to maintain the premium pricing policy…

Daniel: Here’s the sales figures (números das vendas) for the last job I did – all down to me! Blue sky thinking! Finally, to finish my presentation, I’d like to play you a song I wrote…

Philip Hart: Ok, Ok… that’s enough. Thanks Daniel…

Daniel: Great! So does that mean I’ve got the job?

Marcia Boardman: Erm, we’ll be in touch over the next five days to let you know…

Daniel: OK great, thank you.

Sarah: This is how I’d predict a sales pattern would go. I have to emphasise these are only speculative results at the moment. The key words are: caution, adaptability, and consolidation of main product lines – WebWare’s “cash cows,” if you like. It’s important to be flexible, yet reliable. Oh, and another thing is you need to improve the delivery times on your online orders! I hope all that’s clear. Do you have any questions?

Philip Hart: No, thank you Sarah – that’s all very clear – you’ve given us quite a lot to think about there!

Marcia Boardman: Yes, thanks a lot Sarah. We’ll be in touch over the next few days to let you know about the appointment.

Sarah: Thank you both for your time. It’s been a pleasure meeting both of you.

Philip Hart / Marcia Boardman: Bye!

Aviso: Tanto o vídeo quanto o roteiro são propriedades do British Council e estão sendo usados aqui com propósitos meramente educativos.
Disclaimer: Both the video and the script are properties of the British Council and are being used here with merely educational purposes.


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