A Entrevista de Trabalho em Inglês – Parte 05

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Continuamos com a quinta parte dos vídeos do British Council sobre a entrevista de trabalho. Neste vídeo você poderá ver como uma entrevista que tinha tudo para dar certo pode não ter um resultado muito positivo por causa de um simples comentário.

Marcia Boardman: Hi Sarah! I’m Marcia Boardman – we spoke on the phone…
Sarah: Oh yes, I remember – I was having a bad day!
Marcia Boardman: …and this is Philip Hart, our CEO.
Philip Hart: Hello!
Sarah: Hello, it’s very nice to meet you both.
Philip Hart: It says on your CV that you do voluntary work…
Sarah: Well, when I have time, yes! I do work at a centre for children with difficulties, yes…
Philip Hart: That must be very interesting…
Sarah: It’s rewarding and challenging.
Marcia Boardman: Sarah, can you tell us a little bit about your current position?
Sarah: I’m assistant sales director for a chain of language schools.
Philip Hart: So this post would be quite a change then…
Sarah: I don’t think so honestly because the skills are the same, despite the product.
Marcia Boardman: Why are you thinking of moving on?
Sarah: Well I’ve come as far as I can in my current position, I feel and I’m 28 now and would love to take on some more responsibility.
Marcia Boardman: Ok, let’s move on to managing people. Can you give us an example of when you had to deal with a particularly difficult managee?
Sarah: Well, yes, I had two people working for me who didn’t get along at all – they had no shared values, different temperaments – and they used to argue a lot, it looked like it was impossible for them to work together. So, I sat down with them, and we talked about their differences and their problems and after that, things went much more smoothly!
Philip Hart: How would you deal with a rapidly changing and uncertain global market?
Sarah: Ok, that’s actually something I wanted to talk about in my presentation…but I’d say to stay flexible and to diversify markets and sales strategies.
Marcia Boardman: It says on your CV you speak French and Spanish.
Sarah: Yes, I do. I lived in both France and Spain for a while.
Philip Hart: Any plans to learn other languages?
Sarah: I’d love to try!
Marcia Boardman: Ok, can you tell us about a time you closed a particularly challenging deal?
Sarah: Well, the biggest contract I won – and the thing I’m most proud of professionally – was with a large university in India, to provide language training. The contract was full of technicalities and the client was very picky! – But I still pulled it off.
Marcia Boardman: Ok – do you have any questions for us?
Sarah: Yes – about your ethical policy and your carbon footprint…I was wondering whether you are planning to reduce your carbon footprint and whether all your products are ethically sourced?
Philip Hart: That’s a very good question…and that’s something we’re moving towards at the moment…
Marcia Boardman: Ok, well, let’s move on to the presentation…

Aviso: Tanto o vídeo quanto o roteiro são propriedades do British Council e estão sendo usados aqui com propósitos meramente educativos.
Disclaimer: Both the video and the script are properties of the British Council and are being used here with merely educational purposes.


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